Sunday, February 21 @ 2 - 5pm
Admission is $25

(limited availability)

Little America Hotel (Casper Ballroom)

All ladies are welcome,
to join the Sweethearts Workshop so grab your best friend! Whether you want to eventually do a Sweethearts Session, already have done one or even just want to join in on the fun when it comes to boudoir, beauty, self-confidence and expression! This isn't a conference and it's not a boring or judging space. It's a safe, place where we talk, gab, learn and obviously, have fun. My whole goal for Sweetheart Sessions are to empower, reignite an electricity and give you an extra pep in your step when you leave the sessions and it's the same goal for the Sweethearts Workshop. Space is limited to 35 people only, so grab your best friend (tickets can be bought in pairs) and dress your cutest!

Liz Osban: Speaker/Photographer
Ashley McKean: Makeup Artist
Alyssa Edwards: Workshop Model
More sponsors and goodies to be announced!

Ashley will apply our favorite bombshell look on our workshop model Alyssa for everyone and go over techniques, her favorite makeup and will answer questions as she goes along. We will also talk about our favorite skincare products, what amazing products we love that you don't have to spend a fortune on to enjoy and Ashley can help show you how to apply something you've wanted to get better at whether eyebrows, hair, lips or foundation!

We've all had the moments where we have a tough time looking in the mirror or liking photos of ourselves. We discuss self-love, confidence and owning your life like a mothaflippin GIRLBOSS. If you've been feeling like you're in a funk lately, you'll LOVE this workshop chapter!

A funny and relaxed demonstration with Alyssa on how I like to direct and pose for boudoir shoots. It's also going to be super helpful with posing in general because every gal deserves to look AMAZING in photos.


So the workshop is almost over and it's time to use all the great stuff you learned!
I'll be snapping portraits of each of you (don't worry, you'll be clothed in the outfits you so cleverly put together and arrived in!) and in the meantime, the Studio PhotoBooth will be setup, Ashley can answer questions and our sponsors will also have goodies for you to look at!
Also, if you choose to book a Sweetheart Session for March at the end of our workshop, you'll receive a discount on your session! So the workshop would essentially pay for itself!

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