Prepping For Your
Senior Session

When I graduated, senior portraits had a very stuffy vibe about them. We did the cheesy leaning on trees shots, the overly forced poses and there was a lot of airbrushing involved in the brightly lit studio portraits. But my main goal is to break away from those stuffy days and capture natural, earthy and relaxed portraits for you inspired by a boho, carefree atmosphere that surrounds us in Wyoming and Colorado. I’m extremely laid back and love to have fun and hope your session is the same vibe!

The Vibe

Your session is around 2 hours long and I really encourage that you arrive in the best and most relaxed spirit you can which is why I recommend adding bumper time before your session for getting ready and driving to the meeting location. I know how stressful it can be when you feel rushed, especially if you leave school or work early and feel overwhelmed. That way when you arrive, you’re mentally chill and ready to get creative and capture carefree portraits. I love to direct you from beginning to end (I will not leave you hanging) and if the vibe and style matches your personality, I love to mix up the poses and lifestyle shots. I also love to play music during our sessions and I don’t mind playing your playlist if you want - just send it to me via Spotify!

Props + Pets

I welcome any use of props, school jackets, apparel, sports equipment and I will never turn down a photo of a pet (ugh, I love pets). Just give me a heads up so we can have the best plan to prepare in terms of animals. Most public places and parks we photograph at require a leash for all pets, heads up! Especially in spots like Vedauwoo where loose cows and moose roam.


I always get asked if family can tag along to snap a quick photo and the answer is yes! I also don’t mind if you bring a friend but really want to stress that sometimes friends, boyfriends/girlfriends and extra family members (excluding the parent/guardian that accompanied you) can sometimes be distracting for you so make sure you’re in the best company to feel relaxed and loved.


Touch Ups

I do light touch ups within reason like editing blemishes, the occasional bra strap slipping and some hair flyaways. Additional touchups on small things are always easy fixes but please make sure you’re using sunscreen leading up to your session because editing sunburns/red skin can borderline on too unnatural. As far as makeup, you may have heard to wear your makeup heavier than you are slightly use to - I don’t recommend it entirely but a tad bit more does sometimes help. Wear slightly more within reason - I want you to still feel comfortable but you do not need to cake anything on. Luckily I photograph in calm light and your makeup shows up pretty accurately on camera!

“My Mom Made
Me Do This”

I totally get it if you didn’t seek me out to do your senior portraits. Some of you are daydreaming about the outfits you’ll wear and the photos you’ll get and some of you are reluctantly taking these because your mom made you. I GET IT. Here’s the thing: I can make this as painless as possible for you. Heck, you might even have fun! You may even have photos of yourself that you love and post quite often. As long as you and I work together in harmony and get our good variety of shots of you (and you’ll look sooo good!), then you and I will be golden. I’m not going to make you do any cheesy poses you don’t want to do and I actually want to get really awesome shots of you so let’s work our magic together.

Delaney200 (1).jpg


This is my favorite part of our session - I love seeing the cool outfits you put together and I never want to discourage you from straying away from your own personality and style. Please have fun with your mix of outfits, accessories and there’s no such thing as too extra. I love layers, hats, dresses, jackets, chunky sweaters and mixing it up between formal and casual. I really recommend staying away from super bright colors that borderline on “highlighter colors” like neon pink, super bright orange or neon yellow (although burnt orange and mustard look great) and really think earthy, natural colors or fall/autumn colors like white, cream, dusty blue, mauve, blush, sage, emerald, burgundy, maroon, plum, gray and for guys, plaids, henleys, jackets and relaxed tees are always awesome! But no rules - express yourself and no bad ideas! Most of the places I photograph, there’s usually a public restroom at the park but you can also change in your vehicle if you prefer (most people prefer this) and I also have a pop-up changing tent for times you need it, just tell me and I’ll prop it up in two secs!


Meeting Up

I like to send you a text the day of to give you my phone number should you need it and also a dropped pin on where to meet! Most of the places we go to have little to no internet reception, just service strong enough for texting/voice calls so it helps to save my number just in case!

So excited for our session and congrats on being a senior!!