self love sessions


Self Love Sessions are a new take on boudoir…

Boudoir actually means “a women’s bedroom” and doesn’t just mean wearing fancy lingerie and doing poses that make you feel super uncomfortable or vulnerable. Thus the SELF LOVE SESSIONS are born: a portrait session that makes you feel fabulous and creates stunning portraits of you just because YOU’RE WORTH IT, DAMN IT. Below is all the info you’ll need to prepare and to help answer any questions!


My boudoir room is located on the second floor of my Victorian home located near Dell Range/College ave and is decorated solely for photo sessions. It’s cozy, bright and airy and the lighting is super flattering around noon for those dreamy portraits. Because of the way the room is decorated, colors like blush, cream, soft pastels and neutrals photograph best in the room.



Oh man, the funnest part. Self-Love Sessions have no rules when it comes to outfits. You can wear comfy clothes, gowns, dresses, robes, fur, knee high socks, even some lingerie and honestly whatever makes you feel amazing. We have time for up to 3 outfits and we can mix and match as you please! The boudoir room has a bathroom you can change in and I also have crystal crowns, flower crowns and fancy robes/coats you’re welcome to use if you please!



Beauty by Tavae is available to book full glam for any of my sessions and she does amazing work. But if you choose to do your own hair/makeup, that’s great too! Please arrive with your hair and makeup fully complete and I do recommend just applying a tad bit more makeup than usual and I’m always a fan of some subtle fake lashes for some beautiful lash shots! But feel free to stay within your comfort zone of makeup and hair!


I direct you from head to toe the entire session and I love to get creative with shots and poses! Your requests are always welcome and we can always add any prop you’d like to! I don’t recommend eating too much before the session since some poses might be uncomfortable if you’re full and keep in mind any bra lines or socks lines that might show up from your everyday outfit before you change into your “shooting” outfit!


mentally preparing

This is one of the funnest sessions I offer because it’s so freeing! This is your chance to feel like Beyonce, turn the extra-ness up and get some seriously stunning portraits that you’ll treasure for years to come. I love cranking some music, getting creative and celebrating you so please come with a fun state of mind and remember how amazing you are and I can’t wait to photograph with you!