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$200 | Ft Collins, CO | 50 mins
For couples, small family groupings and solo portraits!
50 min session with as many photos as we can capture all on an online digital gallery delivered to you within 5 days.
The second floor studio is located in Old Town Ft Collins, CO and because of it’s vintage nature, is not recommend for those allergic to dust!
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family photos in time for Christmas, business/creatives who want stunning solo portraits and couples who want quick and dreamy photos together. Because of the time limit we have together and the time slot rented in the studio, I ask that all family members are in good spirits, cooperative, on time and that no one with allergies to dust enter because the studio has plenty of it (but we think it gives it that dreamy look!). I’ll email you with getting ready info shortly after you book!

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Mon Petite Sessions
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Sessions are non-refundable and cannot be rescheduled unless an open slot is still available. Sessions can be gifted. Down payments for full portrait sessions cannot be applied towards Mon Petite Sessions because of studio rental costs and time reserved.