Preparing For Your Shoot

My goal is to capture a care-free, earthy and soft romantic story of you both. So here are some helpful tips and advice to get you there! Please remember to show your significant other this too, it’s just as important you both are on the same page.

Arrive in Good Spirits

For some reason, getting ready for a shoot gets people anxious and can make you feel stressed about getting there on time, making sure your significant other is ready and so on. I can’t stress how important an easy going and great attitude is the most crucial part of a great shoot. When a couple or individual arrives so excited to create and just LET GO to have fun and trust the process, that’s when real magic happens. Some of my all time favorite shoots are when ‘little things” go wrong but we knew because we were in great spirits, nothing could stop us from getting stunning images. It’s also super important to show your fiance or significant other my portfolio so they get a sense of the romantic, intimate and moody style in poses and light. Embrace wind, embrace cold, embrace the MOMENT!

Do be present.
Do laugh and feel silly.
Do trust the process.

Don’t be overly critical of yourself.
Don’t let the weather get you down.
Don’t discourage your partner in being silly.

Whacky Weather

On the note of weather, I photograph in cold and wind more than you may realize. Most of my photo sessions happen in high elevation which never get too warm year round and tend to get breezy which I’m comfortable in. As we get closer to the forecast, we can decide if we need to relocate or reschedule because of severe thunderstorms or rain showers. I rarely reschedule because of weather in the summer (my favorite photos are around rain storms and storm clouds) but come winter time, it’s a possibility because I don’t photograph under 40 degrees or in 20 mph wind+ to ensure we have good photographing conditions. Other couples have loved bringing champagne, Bailey’s and coffee or Hot Toddies to their colder sessions to help them beat the cold which I love! Because it will be breezier, I recommend a layer of hair spray to keep the hair flyaways down. Warm up breaks in cars are normal but please don’t blast the heat in your car as this makes the cold much harder to be in again because you need to keep your blood temperature on the cold side to withstand being outside longer. I call it the 5 minute rule. Wait 5 minutes and you’ll notice your body is adjusted to the cold and you can withstand it easier.

It’s really mind over matter!

Here are some photos below where couples asked if we should reschedule but the thunderstorms weren’t threatening enough to reschedule and gave us amazing storm skies!

Liz Osban Weather.jpg

We’re going to get close

It’s fascinating to me how people two humans connect, interact and their love language. Your vulnerability is so important in truly capturing two people together. You know how you both interact when you’re alone, sitting on the couch, just hanging out. You know exactly where to nuzzle your head when you’re giving a hug or how to make the other laugh. Noses will touch, heads will rest, hands will caress and I’ll guide you along the way. It’s easier said than done to let go and just be so really pay attention to how you both express affection to each other and how to stay open and honest like that for your session. But don’t edit yourselves because even the goofy moments are special. If you feel silly, you’re doing it right because the moment you feel too comfortable, is when things go stale. I love playing music to help the mood of the shoot and the more I get to know you, the better.

What to wear

I don’t want to tell you what to wear because style and comfort is different for everyone. While I’m always a fan of a flowy dress and a guy in a cool jacket, I don’t want you to not feel like yourselves. Be comfortable, don’t look entirely on Pinterest for inspiration because it’s a very cookie-cutter example and may not make you or your partner feel the most comfortable. My only real recommendations are that cool jackets, basic solid colored tees and henleys always look amazing on guys and a long flowy dress, cozy sweater and earth tones (nuetrals!) photograph amazing for girls and try not to match colors but rather compliment colors. I will recommend that men stay away from those light blue or light pink dress shirts and girls stay away from bright fuchsia or magenta as my editing style tends to alter those colors in an unflattering way. Think muted and earthy!

Pets, Props and requests

Pets are always welcome but please bring a leash for all areas especially national parks. As long as you trust your pet will cooperate and behave, we should be golden. I don’t often use props because I want to focus on the human aspect of your shoot but most props and photo requests are welcome for a quick shot or two!

Remember why we’re doing this

Isn’t it so cool you found another human so special that you want cool photos of each other? Channel those flirty early days and be happy you’re not at work and make a day of your shoot! Get ready together, grab a snack before and plan a date for after the shoot. Not everyone is as lucky to have someone they love this much in their life and that’s why we’re doing this!