Getting Ready Guide


Remember that if you paid your deposit, the remaining is due at the beginning of your session before we get started which is all done digitally through your contract/invoice email. You can also schedule payments for your convenience. You can also request an invoice for the book option if you haven’t already.


Victoria's Secret is still my favorite spot to get some stunning pieces but if you're on a budget, you can find some equally gorgeous pieces at Target, Kohls, TJ Maxx, Rue 21, and even Wal-mart (2 of my favorite outfits from a session are actually from Walmart). But I’m mostly a fan of the selections you can find online if you have the time.

If you're ordering online, please making sure it will arrive in time! In other words, ORDER ASAP since most packages take 7-10 days. I really love Nordstroms lingerie selection , Free People, EtsyAdore MeDita Von Teese and Forever 21 (careful with Forever 21, it tends to run small and flimsy but still very cute). You can also find garters in Cheyenne at Victoria's Secret or adorable ones at Flair downtown Cheyenne. Thigh high tights in black or white can be found at Target or Walmart. Please don't get too tight a size in thigh highs (too tight can be very unflattering!). A size large usually fits most girls perfectly unless you feel you're a bit more short or thinner in thighs, then a medium!

Feel free to get creative or fun with it by adding unique outfits like an oversized sweater with thigh high socks, a mens dress shirt or a silky robe. Or heck! Even a sports bra and boy shorts looks great for a cozier, intimate look. We can even do a few shots towards the end that give the illusion of nudity such as your hands covering, bare back turned to the camera or sheets covering. The illusion of nudity is totally fine and we can get creative with the shots. But heads up, due to my personal style preference, we will not be photographing total topless or bottomless that expose you entirely - but we're totally cool to create the illusion of it.

PS, I've helped nearly every boudoir session clip the garter belt on so please do not be afraid to ask! Those suckers are tricky and we wouldn't want you spending 10 mins in the bathroom trying to snap them on!

I always recommend bodysuits as they're so flattering for all body types. 
Don't feel pressured to wear anything you don't want to wear. I want you to be comfortable and we can only photograph the areas you feel best in. But you know you're a bombshell.

Hair & Makeup:

Please arrive with a fresh, clean moisturized face and clean hair ready to work on (but if you feel like your hair works better unwashed, do it!). If your hair is more manageable if you straighten it beforehand, please arrive with it pre-straightened to save on time as we only have 60 mins for glam time. Bring your favorite foundation to help match your skin tone best and any other makeup you favor but Tavae will have a treasure trove of professional makeup either way, so no worries! We also really recommend false lashes (no need to go too thick, just long and slightly feathery!) to add to the bombshell look that works so well in boudoir! Please arrive with hair and makeup finished if you chose the discounted session without the hair and makeup. The bigger the hair, the better boudoir photographs especially in loose waves and feel free to apply slightly more makeup than usual as it always photographs best! Blush and mauve hues look fantastic for boudoir!

Touchups & Editing:

I truly don't believe in completely altering your body so the only editing on your body that will happen is if something is distracting such as a scar, stray hair, or a body part that may have been squeezed. I smooth skin when grain from lighting occurs and I can always brush out a pesky zit that shows up, so no worries! Luckily, most of the poses we will be doing will be very flattering to show off your best look! If you have a something like a scar you'd like removed (or not removed!) please let me know. I won’t allow putting yourself down in the boudoir room but you’re always welcome to express what areas you’d like to feature more so than others whether it’s more booty cheeky shots, cleavage, what posture you prefer, etc. I want to keep an open dialogue with you without saying nasty things about your gorgeous body!


I direct you the whole way and pose you from your hair to your toes, literally. That being said, posing for boudoir photos is a lot like yoga or pilates. There's a lot of arching the back, popping the booty back a bit and pointing the toes. So because of this, I don't recommend eating or drinking a lot a couple hours before your shoot since a lot of the poses would be very uncomfortable to do if you're full or gassy. If you're on your period and have cramps, taking a Midol is seriously a lifesaver so you'll feel comfortable while you pose. I'll have a long list of poses I show you by doing them myself to show how the pose looks exactly and really helps us work together to get you some awesome images! Let's channel Beyonce, get fierce and remember to not over think it because over thinking it is the number one way to shoot down the Beyonce vibes.

The Boudoir Room:

The boudoir studio is located on the second floor of my Victorian style home/studio located near the intersection of College Ave and Dell Range Ave. I will message you the address and how to locate my home in the neighborhood. The atmosphere of the Sweetheart Sessions is super chill, inviting and cozy. A lot of people ask if they can bring a guest and for the most part, we would prefer you don't, as we found they can sometimes be really distracting for you and I and cause a bit unwanted self-awareness to your shoot. As a photographer, I can also focus better when only the subject and I are in the room. We truly believe your shoot goes better if your attention is 100% on the images we're creating and we understand it can sometimes be hard when someone you're close to is watching you the entire time. We want things to be fun, relaxed and no unwanted eyes on you as we create some stunning images. But if you feel like things would go well with a friend there, then go ahead! But please no boyfriends, husbands or significant others!

The images:

While I still retain copyright, this is only to protect the style and integrity of my photographs to prevent any alterations. You do though receive printing releases if you wish to print or use the images in a self-publishing book program. I do not post any boudoir photos without your permission but there are 4 options: A) Keep photos completely private, B) Permission to post as promo material only C) Allow to post a few as promo material by showing you which image(s) first or D) Free to post any photos where your anonymity is protected such as your face being obscured or not recognizable in the image. That being said, I never tag you or include your last name since I wish to protect you from unwanted attention. I want to respect your wishes and protect your privacy so please just let me know after you view your images!

The Day Of:

No need to arrive 10-15 mins early. Arriving on the dot is perfect as we prep our glam table, camera equipment and boudoir setup in time for you! We go through a lot of prepping and work to get ready for our Sweetheart Sessions so please arrive on time and if you must cancel because of an emergency, remember that the payments are nonrefundable. And if you get shy or cold feet the day of, just picture Tavae and I with very sad faces after we spent so much time and energy prepping for you and day dreaming about all the gorgeous shots we're going to get of you. It's like baking a cake for a party and no one shows up = no fun. So please be respectful of our time as we anticipate the awesome arrival of yours and I can't wait to create gorgeous images with you!  Life is short and you're a bad ass. So let's have a blast taking gorgeous pictures of you in pretty clothes! You'll be glad you did and I'd be happy to go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable! 

Mentally Preparing:

You should have the same uninhibited feeling one has when jumping off a high dive into a deep end pool. It's scary at first but the MOMENT you get going it's like, "OH MY GOD - that was so fun, what was I seriously so scared of?!" I've had that feeling too. And then you realize how powerful it is to just let go and enjoy the moment. Worrying too much shows and you can't be strong or sexy without confidence, so let that brightness SHINE SO BRIGHT and the cares melt right off and enjoy the hell out of your shoot. Because a wise young man once said YOLO and YOLO YOU SHALL. So don't spend this shoot or YOUR LIFE worrying about the outcome because the best way to ensure you'll love it is to let go and have fun and know how damn good you look!
I also have a motto for any shoot and it's IF YOU FEEL SILLY OR UNCOMFORTABLE, YOU'RE DOING IT RIGHT.

So there's no way you can mess anything up. You're job is having fun. Let me take care of the rest!