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$300 + tax / 50 photos | 1 - 2 hours | 1 - 3 locations

Each shoot includes:.

  • 1-2 hour portrait shoot with your choice of location + theme (or my recommendation).
  • 50 professionally edited photos on a wooden USB flash drive. Editing includes time spent on each image to enhance light, color and light touch ups. 
  • Online album to view, share, download and purchase high quality prints in all sizes and novelties including wallet prints, canvas prints, magnets, calendars, thank you postcards and more! 
  • Your images take 10-14 days to be completed and delivered. I mostly photograph around the evening for the best outside lighting (in winter, 2-3pm is the best time!). Feel free to ask me any questions at all and we can meet up together to discuss your shoot! I do not include the purchase of props, costumes or traveling costs but I am more than happy to recommend where to find props and such and know some great recommendations! Please email me at or message me on Facebook to plan your big shoot! 

A down payment is required to book and schedule your shoot.

Each shoot can be paid in half (down payment) or in full on the below through Paypal
with your Paypal account or debit or credit card. Tax will be applied. If you require me to travel outside of
Cheyenne, a small traveling fee will be applied. Please let me know if you
have any more questions at all, I'd be happy to answer! 

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ideas and more! Later on, pay your remaining payment using the "Down Payment" link!
Packages are not sent and watermark is not removed until last payment is complete.

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How To Prepare For Your Shoot & FAQ's

- What do I wear?

Neutrals and soft colors work extremely well and I'm always fond of a boy in flannel/dress-shirt and a girl in a maxi flowy dress (white, red and cream dresses photograph so lovely!). But really, in the end - this comes down to you and your own personal style. But do stay away from neon colors or busy patterns such tribal prints or too thin strips on striped shirts. Instead of matching each other, try matching hues. I'm always a fan of dressing up formal verses casual (because girls wear leggings or jeans every day, let's switch it up!) to add a fun contrast such as a long flow maxi dress and a snazzy mens dress shirt. Considering I photograph in a earth tone atmosphere,
earth tones work extremely well with colors I use in photos but maroon or emerald really photograph lovely.
And LAYERS look amazing.

Will you tell me how to pose?

From beginning to end.
But mostly, I like to switch things up and play games, questionnaires with you and ask you about yourself during the session. With couples, you may not realize we're posing because we're not! I love to direct and have fun during the session so posing will eventually turn into authentic exploring. 


Do you travel?

Absolutely! When you book a session, you'll find a drop-down menu option if you require me to travel outside of Cheyenne.
For weddings, the travel rate is fixed into your down payment.

How long will the photos take?

Receiving your images takes 10-14 days in winter/spring and 14-21 days in summer/fall for portrait sessions and around 6-8 weeks for weddings depending on the season. Under very special occasions, photos can be rushed.

Can I get all the images from the shoot?

Great question! All the photos you receive from your shoot are all the pieces to the whole puzzle!
Any extra photos I have from your shoot are either exact replicas (from continuous shooting) where someone may be blinking, scratching their eye, fixing their hair, talking mid sentence or testing the light and settings. Sometimes I give you a few more images because I do believe you should get every great shot we took so no worries! Not a shot gets left behind or unseen! 

Do I get a copyright release?

Another great question!
Creative copyright will retain legally under Liz Osban Photography LLC. This is to protect the images and ensure other businesses cannot steal your photo and make profit from it (which would be a big bummer, right?). So you may be asking yourself, where can I print my photos then? From my print shop! It's the gallery link I send you and they offer an endless amount of options! I don't mind if you use sites like Shutterfly, TinyPrint, Zazzle, etc to create engagement announcements, thank you cards, grad announcements however! But you will receive a card explain that you cannot print your images at any department store print kiosks such as Walmart, Walgreens, Target or Kmart because it destroys the quality as seen below! You and I worked so hard together to create pretty photos, it would be a shame for these low-quality prints shops to take away the quality you paid for!

How long have you been doing photography?

I started as a hobby when I was 15 and have been doing it professionally since I was 19.
I became a full time photographer in May 2015 and I'm loving every day of it.

What camera do you use?

I use a Canon 5d Mark III and a back-up 5d Mark II.

I don't see family photos on your site.
Do you not photograph them? 

I am first and foremost a solo portrait or couples photographer. It's where I feel the most comfy and create my best. It also allows more room to explore, adventure and experiment with different ways to capture portraits. And sadly, because of an overwhelming requests for family sessions it left little time for what I feel I'm best at. So I only photograph family portraits if you feel like we're a compatible fit, like a chill atmosphere, love just hanging out, capturing candids, giggling and having fun, exploring while I get to photograph it. 

Can we meet up for coffee sometime and let me ask you questions about photography?

Personal one-on-one mentoring sessions are available for anyone who wants to get coffee and talk photos, films, look for critiques, ask advice or "talk shop". This is extremely helpful for aspiring photographers or people who want to learn more about their camera, equipment or wants a fresh set of eyes on their work in order to grow.

Can I bring my dog to a session?

UM YES! Bring a kitten or a hedgehog! I don't care! I love pets!