The Grand Cussing Wes Anderson Birthday Party


I turned 25 years old

on August 14, so I decided to have a birthday get together in my favorite place ever (Medicine Bow Peak in South-Eastern Wyoming, about 50 mins West of Laramie) and I debated if it should be a costume party. I was thinking about a 90's theme for a bit but then realized there are only so many Spice Girls and members of N*SYNC to go around. I knew I wanted it in the mountains and I started thinking about how Wes Anderson's films (that I adore) all have a nature and inadvertent adventure themes so the idea was more based on that. I decided to dress up as Suzy Bishop from Moonrise Kingdom in a pink Peter Pan dress and Jarret dressed as Sam Shakusky.

My friends received invites along with a Mendl's box (with French macarons or vegan peanut butter cookies inside) and were encouraged to dress Wes Anderson inspired, character or not.

We ate chili hot dogs. 
And pasta salad I couldn't eat enough of.
My friend Katherine brought the best chicken salad ever.
And even tried the new Lays Biscuit & Gravy potato chips.
And nommed on vegan vanilla and chocolate cake.
10/10 would do again.

"Boy With Apple" from The Grand Budapest Hotel. "This is van Hoytl's exquisite portrayal of a beautiful boy on the cusp of manhood. Blond, smooth skin as white as that milk, of impeccable provenance. One of the last in private hands, and unquestionably the best. It's a masterpiece. The rest of this shit is worthless junk."  / "I saved latin" from Rushmore.

Our table set up at the base of the mountain  /  Fantastic Mr Fox 

Candy bowl (because duh) and Mendl's box decorations